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Bringing Beauty to Life with Wood Carvings from Jerri Boffa Designs

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“Art is not a thing, it is a way”

Elbert Hubbard

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"I feel closest to God and a freedom to create in my mountain studio."

About the artist.

Jerri Boffa has been creating art since she was a young girl. She works in multiple mediums, including wood, marble, metal, stained glass, sand-blasted glass, oils and ceramics. Her passion is wood carving. Jerri experienced a spiritual renewal after the tragic loss of her son, which led her to focus her energy on wood carving.  She creates works of art with a focus on the beauty that surrounds her in the Rocky Mountains. She feels a deep connection with nature and the abiding divine forces which guide her life, which is evident in all her work.

"I like to capture special moments in time."
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Jerri taught art to children of all ages for 26 years. She spent numerous summers travelling the world, learning from artists in many cultures. She was especially inspired by her trip to the Holy Land, where she traced the evolution of art in history. 

Jerri carves individualized pieces to commemorate accounts of memorable events, loved ones, wild-life and emotional experiences. All of her carvings are personalized. 


1771 Spruce Rd at Arrowhead, Cimarron, CO 81220, USA


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